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As you get ready to welcome staff and students, we want to introduce you to a new monthly service – The Principal's Checklist. Each checklist contains common to-do items, MDE deadlines and testing dates, as well as links to sample items that may be of help to you. As a bonus for this month, you're also receiving a First Day of School checklist for your assistance. You can find both attachments below.

As an MASSP member, you will receive your checklist for the month ahead via email during the 3rd week of each month. Each checklist will also be posted to the MASSP website. We strongly encourage you to use the online comment section to post additions to these checklists and also post additional resources to share with our peers on the Principal's Help Desk.

MASSP's goal is for The Principal's Checklist to be an interactive way to provide you with daily go-to items that will help make your life easier. With all of the cutbacks in secretarial and administrative support you are all experiencing, we want to continue to find ways to lighten your load and allow you to lead.

To access the sample items, just click on the blue (PHD), (MSH) or (ELN) links located within the checklist items. These links will take you to services offered by MASSP or sample materials I've posted. I encourage you to search the Principal's Help Desk for other samples and, of course, post your own in the future.

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