Job Sharing Teacher Evaluations

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Written by Tracy Hall, Administrator for IB and Postsecondary Programs at Bloomfield Hills High School and AP East Representative on the MASSP Board of Directors

The teacher evaluation process is one that has been both lauded and loathed by administrators and teachers alike. PA 173 of 2015 changed how teachers would be evaluated in every way including the required ratings and acceptable evaluation forms/formats, as well as the frequency of evaluations. Districts throughout Michigan were now able to tie student achievement, school improvement, professional development, and staffing decisions to the outcome of teacher evaluations.

For many of us, the requirement that all teachers be evaluated every year was yet another item to add to the busy administrator’s list of things to do. At my school, a high school with four administrators and just about 100 teachers, we felt it was best to spread the wealth. We decided to have one administrator be the main evaluator for his/her assigned teachers, but all of us were free to observe teachers at any time.

The result of this job sharing has been a positive experience for everyone. Both formal and informal administrator meetings, along with Google Docs, has proven to be a great way to debrief when one administrator observes a teacher who is assigned to another administrator. Sharing our observations has also given teachers the opportunity to see balanced feedback, as each administrator in the building has a different teaching background, which often shapes the comments listed in the observation. For administrators, we are able to have discussions about teaching and learning when sharing our observation notes, so our professional learning is also enhanced - definitely a plus! I encourage all administrators to pursue this evaluation sharing technique.

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