Just an FYI

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This week I was visited by the person who oversees the association's financial reserves. As advised by the American Society of Association Executives we keep an excess of 50% of budget in reserve. There are a couple of things that we're doing with our monies that I'm proud of and thought would share.

We support Michigan with our monies.

Much of our long term reserves are invested in Michigan based companies. We also invest in our school districts. A sizable portion of the reserves are in Michigan based municipal bonds. So, the next time I visit with Mark Palmer, Principal of St. Johns HS and he speaks of his oversight of their new construction project, I will tell him the Board of Directors of MASSP will decide the colors in his new office... as we loaned him the money to build it. MASSP owns bonds in three different MI school district building projects.

MASSP also pays sales tax. We could have followed the lead of our sister administrative associations to change their IRS status and become sales tax exempt. But, we choose not to. We'll gladly pay our $12-15,000 a year in sales tax as kind-of-a rebate back to our members.