Legislature Passes MMC World Language Flex

Bob Kefgen's picture

The Michigan Legislature has passed SB 175, allowing for students graduating in 2022-2024 the continued flexibility to substitute arts or CTE courses for one credit of world language.

In 2014, the Legislature added language that allowed students graduating in 2016-2021 to substitute CTE or an additional credit of visual or performing arts for one of the two required credits in world language. As MASSP originally reported in January, this option went away beginning with the class of 2022, the cohort of students currently in eighth grade. By extending that sunset to include students graduating in 2022-24, SB 175 will continue to allow this flexibility for another three years.

Unfortunately, SB 175 also adds a new reporting requirement that will apply to all districts, whether or not they use this flexibility, but the details of the report are left to MDE discretion...so the details are yet to be determined.

While this change likely comes too late to have much impact on the schedules of next year’s ninth graders, the change does mean that schools could safely make changes if they wished. For example, if you have students in your building for a whom a late schedule change might be appropriate or if your district is struggling to find sufficient world language teachers to meet demand for next year, you may want to consider utilizing this flexibility. Although the bill has not yet been signed into law, its signature is certain enough that districts should feel comfortable acting on it.

Please do not hesitate to contact MASSP with questions.