MASB Action Alert - Tenure Reform Needs Your Voice

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Call Your State Senator Today

We have been working diligently over the last 5 months to get meaningful tenure reform passed in the legislature and we’ve come to the home stretch. Last fall when we conducted regional meetings and statewide surveys on legislative priorities, tenure reform was at the top of the list. We were instructed to pursue reforms that help to lower the costs and the process of removing underperforming teachers more efficient. We’re one vote away from making that a reality and the teachers unions are trying to derail our efforts.

There are some union sympathetic senators trying to add last minute amendments to create a cumbersome arbitration process for the dismissal of poor performing teachers. We need you to call your senator and ask him or her to support the Senate Education Committee versions of HBs 4625and also to oppose any last minute amendments. There have been over six weeks of testimony on these bills in the House and Senate—not once did the issue of arbitration get mentioned. Trying to fit in a new, complex process in the last two days without any deliberation is simply bad public policy.

The bills as they passed the Senate Education Committee still guarantee that a teacher will be able to appeal any dismissal to the tenure commission and thus aren’t subject to a rogue board or administrator. The process is less burdensome than today’s current system, but the bills offer ample job protections. Ask your senator if he or she thinks it’s appropriate to add another bureaucratic step into this process without any real discussion or discourse.