MASSP Joins Historic Education Partnership's picture

A group of leaders from across the state, including MASSP, gathered this morning to announce an unprecedented collaboration of diverse organizations that are uniting to demonstrate the pressing need to address the state's K-12 education crisis.

"Launch Michigan" is a never-before assembled group that includes education, business, labor, philanthropic, and state and community leaders who have pledged to work together to turn Michigan into a leader in educational excellence with lasting, research-driven strategies that transcend politics and election cycles.

We all know that Michigan is facing an education crisis and we can't afford to get stuck re-defining the problem over and over again. Instead, it’s about working and moving forward together to improve the system for every child and every school in Michigan.

Initial areas of agreement and focus for the "Launch Michigan" initiative include:

  1. Supporting educators by leveraging existing research and using a statewide educator survey, among other activities, to guide our work.
  2. Supporting shared, statewide, research-driven strategies for delivering effective education to all students and sticking to those strategies beyond politics and election cycles, to determine what really works.
  3. Supporting a fair and comprehensive accountability system that includes everyone who influences education - not just teachers.
  4. Working together to ensure that resources are available to provide for an equitable, student-centered education system and funding model.
  5. Elevating public awareness and inspiring action about the current state of education in Michigan.

Next steps include fleshing out a shared agenda this summer and getting it in front of candidates and elected officials in the fall. While we recognize this may not be an easy task, we know it's absolutely necessary. We have all the right players at the table, and at the right time, to bring about meaningful and lasting change.

With already more than 35 members, "Launch Michigan" is expected to grow and expand over the next several months. MASSP will continue to keep you posted on this important work. In the meantime, more information can be found at