#MASSPchat 11/14 - Improving Communication

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The Topic: Improving Communication
As we all know poor communication can lead to a number of problems. As administrators we need to focus on how to communicate clearly but also to adapt communication to the audience and to provide just what our stakeholders need. This week lets talk a bit about communication using some of the ideas outlined in this short article: http://www.yourthoughtpartner.com/blog/bid/53902/the-5-ws-and-an-h-to-communicate-virtually-anything

#MASSPchat follows the traditional tweetchat format where the moderator posts Q1: (for Question 1) and participants respond with A1: (for Answer 1). This helps to keep the conversation organized. For those new to the chat concept, MASSP has a helpful "Tweetchat How-To" on our Twitter resource page.

Meet Our Moderator:
Wendy Zdeb(@massp) became the Executive Director of MASSP on January 1, 2012. Wendy began her career in education as a teacher at Warren, Fitzgerald High School where she taught English and coached three varsity sports. She then went on to become the Assistant Principal and Athletic Director at St. Clair High School in the East China School District. After three years as an Assistant Principal, Wendy was ready to seek a new challenge and she found it as the Principal at Rochester High School where she worked for seven years. Wendy holds a bachelor's degree in English and History from Western Michigan University and her Master's in Ed Leadership and Education Specialist degrees are both from Saginaw Valley State University.


  1. When communicating about a decision people need to know...What does it mean? What should I know? What's in it for me?
  2. Think about a time when you've communicated about a decision, did you take these 3 factors into account? Why/why not?
  3. The Whys of a decision...Why is it the right decision? Why now? Why is it important? Do you see these "Why's" as critical?
  4. The Where's...Where is this decision coming from? Where/what locations will it affect? Where can I get more information? #masspchat
  5. Why are the "Where's" important? Would you add anything to this list?
  6. The When of a decision...When is this happening? How can you communicate about this when you aren't sure?
  7. The How of a decision...How was the decision made? How will it be implemented? How does it impact me?
  8. The How's are critical for success...How have you handled these questions in the past?
  9. The Who's are important to note...Who made the decision? Who's in charge? Who does it impact?
  10. How does taking the Who factors into account ensure successful communication?