#MASSPchat 11/28 - Staff Book Study

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The Topic: Staff Book Study
A book study is a great way to kick off a new initiative, help your building work through common challenges, or give you another tool to get your staff on the same page. It can also build leadership capacity, create a platform for important discussions about the work that we all share as educators, and help build a common set of language and references. This week, let's chat about staff book study best practices and the books we've had success with.

Meet Our Moderator:
Tammy Jackson (@tammyjacksonej) joined the MASSP staff in September 2016 after a 31-year tenure with the East Jordan Public Schools, first as a teacher then assistant principal/athletic director and finally principal for the last 18 years. Along with her extensive tenure as a school administrator, Tammy has served on MASSP's board of directors including two years as president. Tammy has also been an instructor for MASSP Path to Leadership program and played a role in the development of course work for the program. As a principal Tammy has been instrumental in her districts use of 5D+, including the training of the K-12 teaching staff. Outside of her position as school principal, Tammy has served the community where she works and lives, and presiding over both on the East Jordan Rotary Club and East Jordan Chamber of Commerce.

This Week's Questions:

  1. What is the title of a book you've recently used for a staff book study?
  2. Why did you select the book you used for a book study?
  3. Is there a book you used that didn't result in a productive book study?
  4. What methods have you used to "discuss" the book?
  5. What is your expectation for participation?
  6. How do you hold your staff accountable?
  7. What changes would you make the next time you do a book study with staff?
  8. What advice would you offer to a principal who would like to begin a book study?