#MASSPchat 12/12 - Improving School Climate and Culture

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The Topic:
There is no shortage of research exploring the best practices for improving school culture. While some believe to improve a school culture you have to attack those things that are deemed problematic. Other theories outline generic steps for reform.

The best administrators know their own school and use a hybrid of multiple theories to solicit change. Authors Rick Gordon and Bill Preble published a book titled "Transforming School Climate and Learning – Beyond Bullying and Compliance." The principles of the book involve a holistic approach to changing school climate.

Tonight’s Twitter Chat questions were formulated based on some of the work that can be done in a building to affect a positive school climate.

Meet Our Moderator:
Tammy Jackson (@tammyjmassp) joined the MASSP staff in September 2016 after a 31-year tenure with the East Jordan Public Schools, first as a teacher then assistant principal/athletic director and finally principal for the last 18 years. Along with her extensive tenure as a school administrator, Tammy has served on MASSP's board of directors including two years as president. Tammy has also been an instructor for MASSP Path to Leadership program and played a role in the development of course work for the program. As a principal Tammy has been instrumental in her districts use of 5D+, including the training of the K-12 teaching staff. Outside of her position as school principal, Tammy has served the community where she works and lives, and presiding over both on the East Jordan Rotary Club and East Jordan Chamber of Commerce.

This Week's Questions:

  1. How does a positive school climate enhance student learning?
  2. How might student perspectives be used to help figure out how to respond to challenges a school is facing?
  3. What kind of perception data can be gathered to help evaluate your current school climate?
  4. If you were to create a committee consisting of diverse students from your building, what groups would you select from?
  5. What do you believe are the differences in how the culture of your building is viewed by adults verses students?
  6. What is one question you would ask students if you wanted their input about an issue in your building?
  7. Name a program or initiative that you currently use that you belief contributes to a positive school climate.
  8. What is one thing you would like to see change in your building in order for your school climate improve?