#MASSPchat 1/16 - Teaching with Poverty in Mind: Schoolwide Success Factors

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The Topic:
Eric Jensen, noted author and researcher, defines poverty as "a chronic and debilitating condition that results from multiple adverse synergistic risk factors and affects the mind, body and soul." In 2015, 51% of all US students in public schools came from homes that met the federal standards for poverty. As educators, it is critically important that we understand how poverty impacts learning and, even more importantly, that we are empowered with a set of powerful instructional strategies to help ensure our students' success.

Jensen presented at the November School Improvement conference. In order to continue this dialogue, a statewide collaboration has been implemented which encompasses both Twitter chats and more in depth MiVU Modules. Please see https://www.smore.com/btcu2 for additional information. We greatly appreciate the support of MASSP in hosting this Twitter chat.

Meet Our Moderator:
Brenda Tenniswood (@btenniswood) is Director of Education Services at St. Clair County where she collaborates with administrators to transform learning and teaching. Brenda began her career as an elementary educator and has served in myriad of roles including classroom teacher, Reading Recovery teacher, Language Arts Consultant, elementary principal and Assistant Superintendent for Instruction.

This Week's Questions:

School-level factors: (SHARE) Support whole child, Hard Data, Accountability, Relationship building, Enrichment Mindset

  1. What are you grateful for? What are you looking forward to in the new year? #masspchat #MiPovertyMatters
  2. a) What does "support of the whole child" mean? How well is your school meeting all students' needs? #masspchat #MiPovertyMatters
  3. b) What services and accommodations could your school add to help low-SES kids succeed? #masspchat #MiPovertyMatters
  4. How do you create a culture of accountability and excellence for both students and teachers? #masspchat #MiPovertyMatters
  5. To strengthn accountability, what changes might your school need to make? Which chnges are most essential? #masspchat #MiPovertyMatters
  6. Do you really know your students? How do you and your staff build strong relationships with students? #masspchat #MiPovertyMatters
  7. Teaching is hard work. How do you support and value your staff? #masspchat #MiPovertyMatters
  8. Which strategies for success work best for you personally? What new ones can you add to your "toolbox"? #masspchat #MiPovertyMatters