#MASSPchat 5/8 - CTE: Course Offerings and Learning Relevancy

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A few weeks ago it was Career and Technical Education day at the State Capitol. This is one of my favorite days of the year as CTE students and teachers from around the State set up displays and share information about their programs. It is great to see the variety of programs being offered but even better to see the excitement and enthusiasm students have for their learning and their future plans. This week, let's discuss course offerings for students and ways that learning is being made more relevant in your classrooms.

This Week's Questions:

  1. What percentage of your students are enrolled in CTE classes? Has participation been an +, - or a flat line?

  2. What programs seem to be growing and where have you seen a decline?

  3. Have you made a concentrated effort to better promote CTE offerings? What have you tried to raise student/parent awareness?

  4. Do you have involvement from your local business community in your programs?

  5. Have you added any new classes or CTE programs in your building or are their new offerings through the ISD?

  6. Outside of CTE what do you see happening in other classes to make learning more relevant or hands on?

  7. What barriers exist that are possibly keeping students from taking CTE course work?

Meet Our Moderator:
Wendy Zdeb (@massp) became MASSP's Executive Director of MASSP on January 1, 2012. Wendy began her career in education as a teacher at Warren, Fitzgerald High School where she taught English and coached three varsity sports. She then went on to become the Assistant Principal and Athletic Director at St. Clair High School in the East China School District. After three years as an Assistant Principal, Wendy was ready to seek a new challenge and she found it as the Principal at Rochester High School where she worked for seven years. Wendy holds a bachelor's degree in English and History from Western Michigan University and her Master's in Ed Leadership and Education Specialist degrees are both from Saginaw Valley State University.