#MASSPchat - Education Predictions for 2018

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I recently read an article that made predictions about areas of emphasis in education for 2018. In the article the author specifically calls out a greater emphasis on the arts and STEAM, growth in blended learning and the importance of collegial professional learning. Let's discuss these ideas and make some predictions of our own!

This Week's Questions: (one posted each day)

  • Q1 (Monday): Many districts have been focusing heavily on numeracy and literacy. Do you see a resurgence of the arts in the future? #masspchat
  • Q2 (Tuesday): STEAM uses Science, Tech, Engineering, the Arts & Math as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking. Is STEAM happening in your school? #masspchat
  • Q3 (Wednesday): Professional collaboration rather than whole staff PD is critical to teacher growth. How are you shifting? #masspchat
  • Q4 (Thursday): What trends in education do you predict will grow/emerge in 2018? #masspchat
  • Q5 (Friday): What trends in education do you predict will fade/diminish in 2018? #masspchat