#MASSPchat - Gym Season

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The gym season is well underway…its the time of year where middle level and high school Administrators spend many nights and weekends supervising a wide array of events. During #MASSPchat we generally focus on instructional leadership topics, but this week let's talk about some management items that you are likely to consumed with: athletic events, dances, band concerts and student council activities.

The Questions:

  • Q2 (Tuesday): How many nights per week (on average) are you at your building supervising evening events? Do you have any other staff with whom you share these responsibilities?
  • Q3 (Wednesday): With all the various athletic events (Freshman, JV, & varsity) along with concerts and activities, how do you balance visibility with your personal life?
  • Q4 (Thursday): How many dances do you have per year? Do you get good turn out at dances? Do parents assist with chaperoning or are your chaperones all staff?
  • Q5 (Friday): What are your most popular student activity events (such as dodgeball, talent shows, etc.)?