#MASSPchat - How to Let Go

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I recently read an article in the Harvard Business Review that provided suggestions on how to leave work at work at the end of the day.

I also read the blog post written by MASSP's Past President Tracy Wilson about the importance of being present in your own life.

Both of these articles gave me food for thought in terms of how difficult it is to turn my work brain off and to devote time to my own personal life. This week, let's talk about strategies for making the transition from work to home and how to gain that balance.

This Week's Questions: (one posted each day)

  • Q1 (Monday): How do you like to end your day at work? Do you make a list for the next day, do you end with returning phone calls? What is a typical end strategy? #masspchat
  • Q2 (Tuesday): Do you have any strategies you use to make that transition from work to home? What helps you to stop thinking about work? #masspchat
  • Q3 (Wednesday): Have you ever had a work thoughts that keep you from being able to fall asleep? How do you turn your mind off? #masspchat
  • Q4 (Thursday): Social media can be distracting and time consuming. How do you manage your time on social media? #masspchat
  • Q5 (Friday): Have you found any activities that you enjoy in your personal time that help you to relax and rest your mind? #masspchat