#MASSPchat - Making Time for PD

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As the school year moves along, how are making sure your staff gets the on-going professional development they need in the time you have available? Let's share strategies for finding time for the training needed as well as activities, resources and strategies you are using.

This Week's Questions: (one posted each day)

  • Q1 (Monday): Do you feel you have adequate time for professional development throughout the school year? #masspchat
  • Q2 (Tuesday): Do you use staff meeting time for professional development activities or is it a time for announcements and staff dialogue? #masspchat
  • Q3 (Wednesday): What creative ideas and strategies do you have for creating or finding additional time for your staff PD needs? #masspchat
  • Q4 (Thursday): What topics have you focused PD on for this year? Are you able to differentiate & provide options? #masspchat
  • Q5 (Friday): What is one PD topic you wish you had additional time to work on or resources to support your work? #masspchat