#MASSPchat - New Format Coming for 2017-18

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#MASSPchat was the first chat in Michigan for Principals, Assistant Principals, Deans and aspiring administrators. It began in August of 2013 and had a very successful run every Monday night from 8-9 p.m., until participation started to slow this past school year. #MASSPchat has been viewed by many as "the best PD you can get from your couch!" We had a great deal of discussion both amongst the staff and with the MASSP Board of Directors about the future of #MASSPchat. Each time we considered discontinuing it, members and non-members alike would tell us how much they enjoyed following the conversation – even if they did not directly post or participate. For those that participated regularly, they said it was often difficult with administrative duties and Board meetings to join in on Monday evenings. Through all of these conversations one thing was clear: administrators find value in the opportunity to share thoughts via social media. To this end #MASSPchat is reinventing itself.

#MASSPchat will move to a new format – a “slow chat” – and we will post questions to both Twitter and the MASSP Facebook page. A slow chat is focused on one topic and takes place over the course of a week (Mon-Fri). A topic will be selected for the week and a different question related to the topic will be posted each day with #MASSPchat hashtag. Participants can answer the questions and are encouraged to respond to each other throughout the week, remembering to include #MASSPchat. The chat facilitator may further questions and discussion to search for deeper thinking or challenge assumptions.

We hope that this new chat format on two platforms will allow for greater participation as those interested in joining the conversation can do so at any convenient time – day or night. We welcome anyone who wishes to join the discussions and share ideas! For those new to Twitter, Tweetchats and/or Facebook, we have created some handy guides to allow you to enter into this great world of online professional networking. Don’t let the loneliness of building administration get your down – your colleagues are literally clicks away.

Our first slow chat will begin on Tuesday, September 5 and continue through Friday, September 8. Keep your eye out for each week's new topic in Weblines every Monday morning, along with a Storify summing up the previous week's chat. We can’t wait to pick up where we left off on #MASSPchat and continuing to grow our PLN!