#MASSPchat - Outside the Box Thinking...

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As you start thinking about the schedule and course offerings for students for the 2019-20 school year (yes, there are people already thinking about this!), let's talk about new courses you are offering as well as classes you would love to offer to meet the needs of students. Sometimes we can get caught up in running the same courses and on the same schedule out of habit...might there be other/better ways? Let's discuss!

This Week's Questions: (one posted each day)

  • Q1 (Monday):Share some new course titles that you've offered in the last few years and explain the gap they have filled or a need that was met. #masspchat
  • Q2 (Tuesday): What are courses you have considered but do not offer due to low registration numbers or a lack of HQ staff? #masspchat
  • Q3 (Wednesday): What courses have you successfully offered in a blended or online format? How has this impacted overall staffing? #masspchat
  • Q4 (Thursday): Have you done any creative schedule changes- (i.e.blocks, alternate days, 3 week explorations)? For what? How has it worked? #masspchat
  • Q5 (Friday): How would your math offerings changed if you disregarded course titles and simply ensured required standards were covered? #masspchat