#MASSPchat - Picture This!

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The Topic:
One of the things I love about my job is that I get to visit schools and ISDs around the State. I enjoy seeing the innovative and creative things being done and I often tweet pictures which get a lot of likes and re-tweets. So this week is an opportunity to share pictures from your school of great things that are happening with different topics each day. I'm really looking forward to seeing what all of you have to share!

The Questions:

  • Q1 (Mon): What is the most utilized learning space in your building? What about its function best facilitates learning? Post a picture! #masspchat
  • Q2 (Tues): Your school has a brand whether it is formally acknowledged or not. Post a picture that you feel best symbolizes the brand of your school. #masspchat
  • Q3 (Wed): Flexible learning spaces are providing teachers and students with opportunities to collaborate and personalize learning. Post a picture of this from your school. #masspchat
  • Q4 (Thurs): If someone were to visit your building after hours what impression would they have from simply walking around? Post pictures of what they would see. #masspchat
  • Q5 (Fri): What new or innovative program do you have at your school that the kids really love? Post some pictures. #masspchat