#MASSPchat - Same Great Discussion, More Convenient Format!

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As noted in last week's Weblines we are changing up the format of #MASSPchat this year to a slow chat. This means we will post the topic and a single question each day of the week allowing everyone to post and share ideas throughout the week as it is convenient (and not during a given hour of time). As you post a response, please be sure to use the question number and include the hashtag #MASSPchat so that everyone in the chat can see your comment. As usual, we strongly encourage all participants to feel free to respond to each other's posts and not just to the prompt. This is a great PLN to belong to and we welcome anyone who wishes to exchange ideas to join our discussions.

First Ever Slow Chat Topic! Setting Goals
One of the many great things about being in education is that every year brings a fresh start. This allows all of us to have the opportunity to set goals, make plans and track our progress. Let's talk about how we goal set at the beginning of the year for ourselves, with our staff and with our students.

Monday's Question: Q1: Do you set personal leadership goals for yourself or do you just focus on achievement goals for your building? #MASSPchat

SAMPLE Answer: A1: Yes, I do set personal leadership goals. I think its important to focus on certain aspects of my leadership that need my attention...as well as the building goals! #MASSPchat

Tuesday's Question: Q2: If you set personal goals, what is the source? Is it feedback from prior eval or your own identified areas of need? #MASSPchat

Wednesday's Question: Q3: How do you formulate SIP goals? What are your best data sources? #MASSPchat

Thursday's Question: Q4: Do you require teachers to set goals? Is there a required template or just general performance goals? #MASSPchat

Friday's Question: Q5: Do teachers have students create learning goals on a regular basis? Unit or full year? #MASSPchat

I'm looking forward to interacting with you on these questions throughout the week. Please post and react to posts as your time allows. I hope you have an awesome opening to the school year.