#MASSPchat - School Safety

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The Topic:
School safety and responding to student threats is on every school administrators mind. This is a good opportunity to share ideas and offer each other some support.

The Questions:

  • Q1: Have you had conversations with your Superintendent regarding responses to threats, board/building policy, or safety drills? Did those conversations confirm your practices are strong or did it offer opportunities for improvement? #masspchat
  • Q2: Have you reviewed your expectations of building staff pertaining to their response to threats? Have you taken advantage of the current climate to review and practice your building procedures and the district protocol for crisis response? #masspchat
  • Q3: Have you noticed an increase in threats to your building or district in wake of the Florida shootings? How about surrounding area schools? What do you attribute this to? #masspchat
  • Q4: How has your district responded to the current school safety concerns by communicating with parents? What methods of correspondence do you use to communicate when there are safety concerns? Is the communication reducing or elevating parent concerns? #masspchat
  • Q5: What additional security measures are you implementing or looking into in order to make your buildings safer? Are these simple protocols or will the building be altered (different doors, new door locks, new construction, etc)? #masspchat