Meet and Greet Mondays

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Written by Katy VanCuren, Assistant Principal, Rockford High School and AP West Representative on the MASSP Board of Directors

The dreaded Monday morning wake up, ugh! Some people would say it’s their least favorite day of the week. So much to do and with five whole days of school ahead, it seems endless. What if you started to look forward to Monday mornings? That is what students at Rockford High School do each and every week. Monday Meet and Greets were the brainchild of two teachers who, after listening to students and staff alike, were trying to find a way to reinvent the least favorite day of the week.

Meet and Greets serve a few purposes. One to fire up students and staff as they enter the building. And two, to inform staff and students on current weekly events. The idea is simple: each group/club/team in our school can take a Monday morning. The idea is to bring cheer, energy and a warm welcome to all who enter.

Student Council might do high-five Monday. The following week, our Cross Country team might meet and greet students to encourage them to attend the home meet. Our Peer Listeners might host a Meet and Greet to introduce the members of their team who are there to help fellow students in day-to- day struggles. We might have our Women’s Awareness and Empowerment Club handing out stickers regarding Body Positivity Week. Our Drama Club might want to encourage students to attend the play beginning on Thursday. Student groups might play music and dance as a way to simply bring energy on an otherwise normal day. In February, there might be a bring on Spring beach theme day, the list is endless really. We even have groups meeting and greeting on other days of the week too. Meet and Greets have become a great way to inform students and staff on the week's happenings. If a group has an idea on how to boost spirit for the week or a need to share information, they just sign-up to host.

Feedback on our Meet and Greets has been amazing. Students taking the lead to plan and organize Mondays, seeing the various groups be involved in hosting, bringing excitement and energy to a normally pretty drab day of the week are just a few of the highlights. Of the benefits, perhaps one of the biggest surprises we have seen is the added layer of communication when we have events for the day. Previously, the events had gotten lost in the announcements and sometimes forgotten by classmates. We have seen an increase in attendance at sporting events and other extra curriculars as a result of students taking the initiative to rally around each other.

Meet and Greets are an easy way to boost morale for all stakeholders, and if you haven’t figured it out by now, FREE! Give Meet and Greets a try. It's a great way for all kids to get involved and impact the climate of your school.