Member Spotlight: Chris Ming

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We want to share good news about education! MASSP is turning the spotlight on members who are making an impact in their school, district and community. Spotlighted members exemplify the mission of the MASSP: To advance learning through educational leadership.

Chris Ming, Middle School Principal/District Data and Assessment Coordinator, Marine City Middle School

How long have you worked in education?
This is my 13th year in education. I was a high school chemistry teacher for seven years and am now into my sixth year as an administrator.

How long have you been an administrator?
This is my first year as a Middle School Principal. My previous five years in administration I was a High School Assistant Principal/Athletic Director.

Give us a few personal details.
I have an incredibly supportive and understanding wife that has encouraged me to push myself and my passion for education. I also have three young children that keep me on my toes. My hobbies mostly revolve around my kids and sports...and often those two run together with my coaching my kids. I enjoy reading, learning, being outside, and being active.

What is most rewarding about your job?
That look in a kid's eyes when the light bulb turns on and they get truly energized by their learning.

Tell us about a program/initiative at your school that you are proud of.
I'm new to my school this year and we have a fantastic staff. My focus this year is the increase of communication with the parents and the community. To that end, I have created a school YouTube channel where I post videos of myself and screencasts to help explain what is going on at MCMS.

What advice would you have for those who are new to the Principalship?
Surround yourself with a network of people that motivate you and support you. The MASSP offers great opportunities to connect with other administrators with diverse backgrounds and experiences. The principalship can be a lonely place, but having a strong network of go-to people can go a long way toward being a successful school leader.

Tell us about a training or book you've read recently that you found to be beneficial.
I recently completed the Innovator's Mindset by George Couros. It is a wonderful book that challenges conventions of teaching and encourages new and better in the pursuit of what is best for students, an ideal that I believe in strongly.

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