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An attorney-approved Model Student Handbook is ready for you to use or cut/paste as needed! MASSP is proud to offer our updated Model Student Handbook Service for K-12 building administrators.

Every year, administrators across the state spend time reviewing their handbooks, making updates and changes before sending the document out to print for the next school year. MASSP's Model Student Handbook saves you time and money by providing more than 70 student handbook entries and accompanying documentation, such as parent notifications. The entries are vetted by the attorneys at Lusk Albertson and consistent with Michigan statute and NEOLA policies. Documents are in both Word and PDF formats and easily downloadable for school use. Here's a sample of one entry...

Student Discipline:
Prior to suspending or expelling a student for any of the above statutorily mandated reasons, except as noted below, the Board (Superintendent) shall consider the following factors:
a) the student's age
b) the student's disciplinary history
c) whether the student has a disability
d) the seriousness of the violation or behavior
e) whether the violation or behavior committed by the student threatened the safety of any student or staff member
f) whether restorative practices will be used to address the violation or behavior
g) whether a lesser intervention would properly address the violation or behavior...

The service is a complete handbook solution - download and adapt all twelve chapters or select specific entries to meet your needs. The service can be accessed from any computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The annual subscription to this service is just $100 for MASSP members or $159 for non-members.

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