MPSERS Bills Headed for a Vote

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Earlier today, the House and Senate Education Committees both reported out identical versions of the proposed MPSERS bills (HB 4647 and SB 401) that were originally announced yesterday. Both chambers have scheduled a floor vote on these bills for tomorrow (Thursday, June 15). It is unclear whether either chamber has the votes necessary to move these bills forward.

While only an outline of a the proposed plan was available yesterday, bill language is now available that makes a more robust analysis possible. Unfortunately, knowing the details of the bill only confirms that our initial worries about the proposed bill were justified. And a full breakdown of the long-term cost of the proposal will not be available until next week, making this even more dubious. The analysis in our earlier article has been updated to reflect what we now know about the bill.

Stated simply, the proposed plan would increase costs for schools, reduce benefits for new employees, and make it harder for districts to attract and retain educators. Moreover the proposal does NOTHING to reduce the $29 billion unfunded liability currently in the system.

Given the short timeline and probability of a vote tomorrow, MASSP is asking members to tweet their elected officials (rather than email them) and urge opposition of this legislation. You can click here to take action or simply send a tweet like the following to your elected officials if you know their twitter handle:

Oppose HB 4647/SB 401. #MPSERS bills will increase schools' costs, make it harder to attract & retain new educators.