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The Achieve organization, in partnership with College Summit, the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), and the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), has released a series of action briefs on the role of school counselors, secondary school leaders, and elementary school leaders in the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

"The action briefs provide school leaders a deeper understanding of the CCSS and spell out the leaders' critical role in implementation. Based on feedback from school leaders who expressed a need for more guidance, the action briefs outline strategies and techniques that can be used within schools by school leaders to prepare their schools, teachers, and students for the standards and upcoming new assessments," said Achieve Director of Content and Instructional Supports, Doug Sovde.

"There's a lot of energy around the Common Core State Standards right now, but the hard work will be in their implementation in schools," said NASSP Executive Director JoAnn Bartoletti. "Given the cross-disciplinary nature of the standards, the success of their implementation will rely on focused, well-informed principal leadership. These guides will be essential tools as principals work with teachers and parents."

"The success of the CCSS depends on the leadership of building-level administrators. NAESP realizes that principals want not only opportunities to provide input into the Common Core, but that they also need assistance in planning, capacity building, and implementation. These briefs provide valuable guidance specifically for principals - the briefs address instructional shifts, the changes in school culture, literacy instruction, assessment, and professional learning that will support CCSS, providing a primer for strategic actions," said NAESP Associate Executive Director Research and Professional Development, Christine Mason.

The action briefs provide no-cost takeaways, talking points, and action steps that school leaders and counselors can begin to put into practice in their schools today.

"As educators begin to plan for CCSS implementation, school leaders have a unique opportunity to provide leadership and support in this time of transition. Everyone in school buildings will be responsible for ensuring that ALL students graduate ready for college and career," said Bryce Jacobs, Ph.D., College Summit's Director of Education. "School leaders will be able to use these briefs in planning for the instructional shifts that will have to change in order to meet these goals using strong implementation of the CCSS. These briefs are a practical guide to help school leaders meet this challenge."

The three released action briefs are:

  • Implementing the Common Core State Standards: The Role of the Elementary School Leader Action Brief,
  • Implementing the Common Core State Standards: The Role of the Secondary School Leader Action Brief, and
  • Implementing the Common Core State Standards: The Role of the School Counselor Action Brief.

All are available at no charge in the Publications section at