PSAT and SAT Make-Up Materials - Important Read's picture

As of noon today, a little more than half of all Michigan schools have completed the required Make Up surveys. The College Board will start phone and email outreach this afternoon.

The deadline to respond to the makeup survey email(s) is Thursday, April 13 at 8pm EST.

There were separate emails sent for PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, and SAT. If you are the test center supervisor for each assessment, you need to respond to each survey. NOTE: You must respond to the survey even if you don’t need makeup materials so we can accurately track responses.

The survey will only inquire about the materials needed for testing under the supervision of the test center supervisor and will inquire about the number of students who were absent (not the names) and the type of irregularities (if any).

The survey will NOT inquire about makeups for students on the NAR. Requesting materials for students on the NAR should not be necessary due to the testing window. If there is an irregularity in a NAR room, TAS (Testing Administration Services) will follow up with guidance on the potential for a makeup.

Schools should not need makeup materials for PSAT 8/9 or PSAT 10 as you are directed to securely store the unused materials until the makeup date. If you mistakenly return these tests, you must use the makeup survey to request additional materials to be sent. The survey should be used if a school needs additional PSAT testing materials.

For schools with off-site locations, the test center supervisor at the primary AI received 3 email(s) to submit for makeup materials. Each off-site supervisor should notify the primary test center supervisor of how many absent students or the types of irregularities at each off-site location. The test center supervisor should then submit a consolidated response, one for each assessment.

In case the test center supervisor did not receive the emails with the necessary links, the surveys can be accessed below.

SAT Makeup Survey
PSAT 10 Makeup Survey
PSAT 8/9 Makeup Survey

Makeup test materials will arrive by April 21.