Renew or Start Your MASSP Membership

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Welcome back! Hopefully, you spent more of the month of July out of your office than in it...and got some much-needed rest and relaxation! Now that you're back, make sure you start the school year off on the right foot and renew your MASSP membership. And if you're a new administrator, be sure to join Michigan's premier education association! If you can't find the renewal form we sent you, don't worry! You can download one here or fill out the information in our online form. We'll also be sending all non-renewed members another hardcopy in the mail over the next few weeks.

Why should All Building Administrators be MASSP members?:
The primary reasons members cite for joining MASSP are: legislative updates and advocacy; legal services; communications, such as Weblines, Marshall Memo, and education-related updates; and professional development opportunities.

  • MASSP employees a full time lobbyist, Bob Kefgen, to work on YOUR behalf. You receive regular communication and updates as Bob posts information on our website, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, and he often sends alert emails. Bob advocates for and represents MASSP issues and concerns in and around the Capitol on a daily basis.
  • Tom Derderian has represented MASSP and served our members on a variety of legal concerns for many years. In addition to reviewing contracts and providing support for members as issues arise, Tom also attends conferences upon request to advise on contract issues and answer member questions. Administrators who are not MASSP members have no legal support – why would any administrator choose to be vulnerable and unprotected? Every month we receive several calls from building administrators in need of legal assistance who are not members and the request is denied. Legal advice is only available for those who have paid memberships.
  • MASSP members enjoy a weekly Marshall Memo publication that summarizes the best articles from a number of national education outlets. The MASSP website and Weekly Weblines also keep members on top of legislative changes and MDE memos. And we offer several other support pieces, such as our monthly Principal's Checklist and LegalEASE newsletter.
  • MASSP members also receive discounted pricing on all of our excellent professional development opportunities from our major conferences to the one-day events offered both in Lansing and regionally.

Membership Bundling Options (Check out the options HERE)

  • Executive – The best of the best! We recommend this to all building principals. You'll receive all of the benefits and services that both NASSP and MASSP have to offer – including an MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership membership!
  • Professional or Professional PLUS – You're covered! All building level administrators need some level of legal coverage and this is the most cost effective option! (We also encourage curriculum directors, ISD/RESA employees and those who support secondary administrators to consider this membership level.)
  • Associate members – It's not just for building leaders! Teacher leaders and staff members who aspire to become administrators or those who have joined the Central Office ranks are encouraged to join as Associate members to receive all of MASSP's communications.

Don't forget! If your Business Office requires specific documentation or the membership presented in a different format, please let us know. Our Business Specialist, Gail Schupbach, is happy to work with you and tailor a membership form that will meet your needs. Contact Gail at or by calling the office at 517-327-5315.

Thank you for your loyalty and continued membership with MASSP. Every day we work hard to support you and the Principalship – and we truly appreciate all that you do. We hope that you will encourage those that are in new administrative positions or aspiring to become building administrators to join us. Have a great 2017-18 school year!