Restorative Practice Symposium - Aug. 9's picture

MASSP is partnering with leading organizations in the area of Restorative Practice to host a one-day Restorative Practice Symposium on August 9, at Eastern Michigan University. There will be keynotes from leading advocates in the field providing a legal perspective and district implementation advice. To round out the day, we will have several breakout sessions from highly skilled trainers on Restorative Practice, as well as from schools who have successfully implemented restorative practices to share their success.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Central Office and Building Administrators K-12, Counselors and Teachers.
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Share Your Journey

This is an excellent opportunity for schools and educators to share their success in implementing Restorative Practice. Your colleagues would love to hear:

  • How did you educate your staff, school board, parents and students about restorative practice?
  • What have you implemented in classrooms and in the principal's office to fully support a Restorative Practice environment?
  • How has the implementation of Restorative Practice impacted your discipline rates and what has that done for student success?
  • From a teacher's perspective: How has implementing Restorative Practice in the classroom enhanced the environment and allowed for deeper learning to take place?
  • From an administrators perspective: How has using Restorative Practice freed up time allowing you to get into classrooms and be more visible?
  • From a central office perspective: How has Restorative Practice been excepted by the Board and the community? What type of communication did you have to share to make this a smooth transition?
  • Nuts and bolts: Talk about changes to policy, forms, communication and how it has effected your discipline rates.

These are just some concepts, but any ideas or tips you can share about strategies, philosophy and/or supports for schools who want to implement or improve upon Restorative Practice would be greatly appreciated. Click here for a link to apply for a breakout session.