Rethinking the Master Schedule: Leveraging Time, Talent & Resources

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Written by Dr. Bobby Moore, President and CEO of EPIC Impact Education Group and presenter of MASSP's upcoming "Rethinking the Master Schedule" workshops

Successful school leaders move beyond just communicating what is important. They also align the time, talent and resources to allow for staff to be to do what they do best, and provide the tools and support that colleagues need to ensure the school’s mission is fulfilled, which is all students learning at high levels. There is no better place to start then the school schedule. A key strategy for education leaders is to build a school schedule that supports teaching and student learning. Developing this schedule collaboratively, with staff engagement will ensure more ownership and commitment to the practices within the schedule that makes the difference. If most of your staff cannot answer “Yes” to these five questions, then you have yet maximized the potential of your school schedule and this workshop is for you and your team:

  1. I know what the three goals/priorities of our current schedule are.
  2. Our current schedule is built around our goals/priorities.
  3. Our schedule provides opportunities for struggling students to get immediate intervention and support.
  4. Our schedule does provide student choice and does not frequently close students out of courses.
  5. Our current schedule provides time for teachers to collaborate to share students’ work and/or share instructional practices.

Too often, the process of developing a school schedule has been the responsibility of one person, with little consideration for the school’s priorities. Schedules are constructed around beans, balls and buses (lunch, athletics, and transportation schedules) instead of the academic needs of students. While many schools would like to redesign their use of time, it can be challenging. Does a change in the master schedule require additional resources? In creating more time for teachers to collaborate during the school day, how do we adequately supervise students? How do we work around busing schedules, athletics, or part-time specials/arts teachers? These issues can be explored and solved by using a design thinking process to collaboratively create a school schedule.

Design thinking intentionally broadens our perspectives (empathy, creativity, and rationality) to examine all facets of a complex problem and then provides a framework to work collaboratively to ideate possible solutions. An old African Proverb says, “To go fast, go alone, but to go far is to go together.” Many teachers feel disengaged because they do not have a voice or influence in creating the environment in which they work. Using design thinking with teachers in schools to solve challenges will inspire collaboration and empowerment, leading to greater collective efficacy – the Holy Grail for school improvement.

I am excited to partner with MASSP and facilitate a day of learning, sharing and solving real world problems in creating a student centric schedule that focuses on school priorities. I hope you will join me at one of these upcoming workshops!

  • Thursday, Feb. 8 at MASSP in Lansing
  • Friday, Feb. 9 at MEEMIC in Auburn Hills

For more details and to register, visit

About the Facilitator/Presenter

Bobby Moore has spent more than 25 years in education as a teacher, principal and superintendent. As President and CEO of EPIC Impact Education Group, he partners with schools and professional associations across the country to implement high-growth strategies, professional learning for leaders, strategies for creating high performing and positive cultures, as well as keynoting at conferences and school districts. Please contact him at or follow him on Twitter @DrBobbyMoore.