Review of MDE's New Sub Permit Rules

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Last school year, MDE's Office of Professional Preparation Services (OPPS) restructured Michigan's sub teaching permits. There are now four substitute permits available to schools and districts wishing to employ educators outside of regular certification and endorsement areas:

  • The Daily Substitute Permit (a traditional sub permit, valid for periods up to 90 calendar days in a single assignment)
  • The Full-Year Basic Permit (for long-term subs, valid for a single academic year)
  • The Shortage Permit (up to .5 FTE when no qualified candidate is available, valid for a single academic year)
  • The Expert Substitute Permit (for subject matter experts without a teaching certificate, valid for a single academic year)

A document called Facts About Michigan Permits was created to explain the requirements for renewal of the permits, including a checklist for quick review and record keeping of the fulfillment of these requirements before applying for renewals. For additional guidance, a summary of these renewal requirements is also available.

Since this school year is the first possible opportunity to request these renewals, be sure to review the requirements when applying. For example, schools or districts that intend to renew one of these permits must ensure that the returning educator has an effective or highly effective evaluation rating from the prior year. In addition, under the renewal of the Full-Year Basic permit, the returning teacher must enroll in a teacher preparation program.

Please note, these are examples. Specific guidelines for renewals of each different type of permit are provided on the permit renewal summary or in the Facts About Michigan Permits document.

    Reviewing the criteria and applying for the correct permit is of critical importance because it ensures that:

    • In the absence of an otherwise properly credentialed and endorsed teacher, students being taught are provided a teacher who has access to ongoing support, training, and mentorship, and who has performed effectively in the position to which he or she is returning;
    • The teacher who is returning to the position under a full-year permit is provided opportunities for professional growth to the extent of his or her interest in pursuing work as a teacher; and
    • The district is not exposed to a potential deduction of state aid funds following an investigation into failure to follow renewal guidelines.

    If you have questions regarding renewal of full-year permits, please contact Terri Assaf in OPPS at or the OPPS Support Line at (517) 373-3310.