Seclusion & Restraint and Zero Tolerance Resources

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Beginning on August 1, 2017, Michigan's Principals will be dealing with two significant changes in school law: a series of revisions to Michigan's Zero Tolerance statutes and new statutory requirements that govern the use of emergency use of seclusion and restraint. Because both sets of changes will require districts to conduct a thorough review of local policies and procedures, MASSP has compiled a variety of resources to help Principals in implementing any necessary changes at the building level.

Because of the unique needs of every school, there is not a right way to address the changes, but the information below should give building administrators a head start on understanding, adjusting to and explaining the new requirements.

To help you make these changes before August 1, MASSP has populated a website full of resources for your use. Visit to access the site, which includes quick reference guides, FAQs, model forms and copies of the statute.