Spotlight: SAT Corner

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The following is important information from this week's Spotlight on Student Assessment and Accountability. For more information or to view a copy of the entire newsletter, please click here.

Material Shipments
Testing materials are scheduled to arrive March 20-23. The test center supervisor and principal will receive an email with tracking information when the shipments are sent. Some tracking emails were sent before the packages were actually picked up by UPS for shipment. These tracking numbers will become active once UPS ships the packages.

Accommodated testing materials will be shipped for all approved and pending accommodations, in the chance that the approval will be made in time for the student to test. Therefore, receipt of testing materials does not indicate that the student is approved for use of the materials. SSD coordinators should check the dashboard in SSD Online to verify approval of requests before administering the test with accommodations.

Additional Material Order Window – March 23 - March 30
If you need additional standard testing materials for SAT, PSAT 10 or PSAT 8/9, you will use the Secure Site to order standard test books, standard answer sheets, or supervisor’s manuals. The orders will be processed on a daily basis during the window. Note: If answer sheets or manuals are ordered, only these materials will be shipped. If test books are ordered, then the subsequent number of answer sheets, an answer sheet test return kit, and manuals necessary for the administration and return of these tests will also be automatically sent – you don’t need to order those separately.

Student Data Questionnaire (SDQ)
In preparation for students to complete the SDQ, place 1 pre-ID label on the SDQ in the upper-right corner of the SDQ. There is no designated place for a label on the SDQ. Each student will need a copy of the Registration and Questionnaire Booklet which will walk the students through how to answer the questions, starting on page 5. This publication is not Michigan-specific, so direct the students to ignore references to admission tickets, etc. Each student will also need a copy of the SAT School Day Score Reporting Code List, which will help them answer questions #20-22 on the SDQ. This SAT School Day Score Reporting Code List will also be used when students identify their four free score sends on their answer sheet. SDQs can be completed and returned any time before April 28. Both of the publications needed to complete the SDQ will be sent to you.

The pre-ID label has the student UIC number in the upper left corner that students will use when asked for the “Student ID” or “Registration Number” on the SDQ and the answer sheet.

Attending Institution (AI) and Test Center (TC) Numbers
The AI code is used to connect your student’s scores to your school. The same AI code will be used for students taking the SAT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9, and will most likely be the same AI code you used last year. This code is a 6-digit number and usually starts with “23”. The TC numbers are used only for the SAT and are unique to an administration, therefore, this TC number will only be used for the state-provided SAT in April. The TC number indicates the location where the student is testing, so schools administering the SAT at an off-site location will receive a unique TC number for each site. The TC number is a 5-digit number and usually starts with “8”.

As much as possible, the manuals will refer specifically to the AI code, 6-digit AI code, test center number, or the 5-digit test center number. You were sent an email with your AI and TC numbers in January. If you do not have access these to numbers, the Test Center Establishment Page in the Secure Site lists the SAT AI/HS Code and the SAT Test Location Code, which is your school’s test center number. Please note that off-site locations will only list the AI/TC for the primary AI and not for each off-site location. Please refer to the email you received for each off-site test center number.

SAT Online Rosters
Test center supervisors should have received an email providing instructions for accessing the online attendance roster. All students testing under the supervision of the test center supervisor, who were pre-ID'd by the deadline, are now available on the roster, sooner than expected. The online attendance rosters must be used and a copy will be submitted when returning the answer sheets. When the SAT test center supervisor is accessing the SAT online attendance roster, be sure to follow the directions in the email attachment when setting up the user profile. This includes selecting “Service Provider Supervisor” as the role. If you choose “Supervisor” you will receive tax information which is only applicable to test center supervisors for national weekend administrations and not the Michigan April test day. If you accidentally choose the “Supervisor” role, you do not need to change anything and you will still have access to your roster. Simply disregard the tax information message.

For off-site locations, only the SAT test center supervisor at the primary AI (attending institution) will receive the email. If the test center supervisor would like the off-site supervisors at each location to have access, they can forward the email for those supervisors to create their own account. Keep in mind that the online attendance roster will not have individual rosters for each off-site location as we do not know where your students will be testing. The test center supervisor will need to create individual site rosters.

Remember that students testing under the supervision of the SSD coordinator will be listed on the NAR. This list of these students is still in process.

If you have inaccurate information in the online attendance roster, check these common occurrences:

  1. Is the student scheduled to test in the two-week accommodated window? If so, they will be listed on the NAR once this list gets finalized.
  2. Is the student pre-ID’d in the Secure Site? If not, pre-ID the student and they should show up on the roster in 7-10 days. Make sure to locally print a pre-ID label for the student.
  3. The registrations for 12th grade students are taking longer to process. If you pre-ID’d 12th graders for the SAT, they will be visible on your roster no later than March 24.

For other inconsistencies, contact the Michigan Educator Support Hotline.

Critical Updates to SAT MP3 Script
Critical updates have been made in the SAT SSD Manual, specifically Script 5 (starting on page 65) for administering the assessment with MP3 audio. The PSAT MP3 scripts do not need to be updated. We will be printing updated copies of Script 5 and mailing to schools that have students who have been approved to use MP3 audio to coincide with the delivery of testing materials. A PDF of the corrected script is also available at

Upcoming Webinar
If you cannot attend the webinar during the scheduled time, you can register and the presentation will be emailed to you afterward.