Spring 2017 M-STEP Student-level Reports Available!

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The final M-STEP student-level reports for the Spring 2017 administration are now available in the Dynamic Reporting System through the Secure Site. Student level reports include:

  • Individual Student Reports
  • Student Roster Reports
  • Student Overview Reports
  • Online Parent Reports

Printed Parent Reports and Student Record Labels will arrive in schools before September 1. Aggregate level reports will be released later this summer.

Please remember, Spring 2017 M-STEP, SAT, and WorkKeys test results are EMBARGOED until the public release of spring 2017 assessment results later this summer. Districts and schools will be notified through the Spotlight on Student Assessment and Accountability Newsletter when the embargo has been lifted.

IMPORTANT – While embargoed individual student results may be shared with parents at this time, it is NOT permissible to share any school, district, or state-level results with parents, the community, or other external parties until the embargo is lifted by the MDE. School Board meetings are considered open meetings; therefore, the sharing of embargoed assessment results at these meetings is not permissible until the embargo is lifted.

NEW for 2017:

Claim Performance Indicator Graph – New Claim Performance Indicator graphs are a visual representation of student performance relative to the range of possible performance within each claim for English language arts and mathematics.

Drill-Down Feature – The Student Roster Report has a drill-down feature that allows the user to select the student name to open the Individual Student Roster report. After a user has selected the link to drill down into the Individual Student Report, a breadcrumb area appears below the ISD/District/School entity information that displays ‘Student Roster > Individual Student Report’. To return to the Student Roster, the user selects ‘Student Roster’ in the breadcrumb area. When available, the School Demographic Report also includes the drill-down which allows users to select the link in the Number of Students Assessed column to open the Student Roster Report that contains the students included in the selected demographic group.

Actions – The Actions button menu options vary depending on the report. Options in this menu include:

  • About this Report
  • PDF Download
  • Zip (Bulk PDF) Download
  • CSV File Download
  • CSV File Format

To access your school's student student-level M-STEP reports, log-in to the OEAA Secure Site, go to the Report menu and select Dynamic Score Reports. For additional information on accessing the Dynamic Score Reports, go to the OEAA Secure Site Training website (www.michigan.gov/securesitetraining) and scroll down to the Student Scores/Reporting section.

The updated 2017 Performance Level Scale Score Ranges are currently available on the M-STEP webpage. An updated Navigating and Accessing the Dynamic Score Reporting Site will be available on the M-STEP webpage later this week. The 2017 M-STEP Guide to Reports will be available to users the following week.

Spring 2017 Early Literacy and Mathematics Benchmark Assessment Aggregate Reports

The final Early Literacy and Mathematics Benchmark Assessment aggregate-level reports for the Spring 2017 administration are also available in the Dynamic Reporting System through the Secure Site.

MDE will soon be releasing the Spring 2017 Early Literacy and Mathematics Benchmark Assessments Guide to Reports. This guide will help educators understand and use the results from the Spring 2017 Early Literacy and Mathematics Benchmark Assessments student level and aggregate level data reports.

Until this guide is released, additional detailed information about each report is provided in the About this Report guide. You can find the About this Report for every report in the Actions menu drop down on the reporting site.