Supreme Court: Schools Can Ban Weapons on District Property

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On Friday, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that school districts are not barred from banning guns on their property. The Court, in its majority opinion, opined that the Legislature may preempt these types of bans and prohibit districts from adopting such policies, but "it has not done so here." The opinion, regarding the Ann Arbor and Clio cases, goes on to say, "Not only has our Legislature not preempted school districts' regulation of guns by implication, it has expressed its intent not to preempt such regulation." The ruling affirms the Court of Appeals' ruling on the case.

If you're interested in the Court's full opinion, you can read it here.

So what does this mean for building leaders? Principals need to make sure they have a firm grasp of district policy and need to communicate with central office about what the expectations are for responding to a situation where someone brings a gun onto school property.

In the coming weeks and months, some districts may decide to update their district policies and procedures in response to the Court's decision. Make sure that you are aware of any changes happening in your district. But the bottom line remains the same regardless: communicate clearly with central office and follow district adopted policy and procedure.

Friday's decision may not be the end of the line for this issue. The Court left the door open for the Legislature to take further action to limit school district authority with regard to regulating guns on school premises. So stay tuned.

MASSP will have more information on the implications of this case as it becomes available. Please feel free to contact our office with any questions.