Title II-A Funding At Risk, Sign Our Petition

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Title II-A funding is at risk in the federal budget. If Congress were to adopt the budget proposal submitted by President Trump for 2017-18, Title II-A funding would be completely eliminated. At a time when school districts are already stretching every dollar, the proposed cuts would severely hurt districts’ ability to invest in educators and the future of our students. We need your help to send a message to Michigan’s Congressional Delegation about the importance of these dollars to schools.

In September, MASSP will be reaching out to our state’s Congressional Delegation to let them know the importance of protecting Title II-A. To illustrate the importance of these dollars to Principals and other educators, we are asking MASSP members and other educators to sign our petition and show their support for maintaining Title II-A funding. So please visit our Engage site to sign the petition and pass the information along to other educators in your area.

In the 2016-17 school year, Michigan received $84.5 million in Title II-A funding. For many school districts, these dollars are their primary revenue source to pay for professional development for their teachers and administrators. If Title II-A funding is cut, every district in Michigan will be affected, especially where the funding is used for professional development. MASSP is working with other organizations, including MASA and MAISA, to communicate with Michigan's Congressional Delegation on the importance of continuing Title II-A funding.

The petition closes on August 31, so please take action soon. It only takes a moment to help us send a more powerful message.