Tools for Analyzing Your PSAT/SAT Data - Compare & Contrast Data

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Participants who attend MASSP's Data Analysis Protocol 2.0 Workshop will have the opportunity to participate in new learning activities and that have been designed to showcase valuable resources related to the SAT and suite of assessments. In the coming weeks and months, MASSP will be highlighting some of the tools and methods we cover during the workshop that Principals may want to adopt in their buildings.

Compare & Contrast Data Chart

The first installment in this series is our Compare & Contrast Data chart, which helps participants identify mean test and section (EBRW, Math) scores and benchmark proficiency levels as compared to state averages. Participants then use this information to compare data to like schools for better analysis.

Here is a brief walkthrough of the activity:

The activity starts by having participants find their school’s mean data, which is accessed in the College Board Reports Portal. Data needed for this activity is found in the “Scores by Institution” report. Participants will be reviewing data from the PSAT 10, PSAT (NMSQT), and SAT test for the last two school years (2015-16 & 2016-17).

When accessing the Scores by Institution report, participants will now be able to review data on scores and benchmark performance averages.

As part of the activity, MASSP created a graphic organizer that allows participants enter information from this report and compare their various scores over the last two school years. The chart is organized by Total Score, EBRW, and Math.

In the same categories, the benchmark percentages are recorded. Again, this is in comparison the state averages. These tables are sorted by PSAT 10, SAT, & PSAT (NMSQT).

Once the participants organize all of their school’s assessment data, the activity directs them to compare this information to similar schools using the MI School Data website. The information is recorded on the activity sheet and participants are then asked to reflect on the information and resources.

Upcoming Sessions

To learn more about this activity and other great resources you can bring back to your building, register for one of the upcoming Data Analysis Protocol Workshop 2.0 trainings: February 5 (Lansing), March 15 (Auburn Hills), March 16 (Marysville), March 19 (Muskegon), and March 22 (Lansing).

For more details or to register for one of these workshops, please visit our events page:

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