Transitioning to PSAT 8/9: The Information You Need's picture

MASSP and the College Board have developed a solid working relationship since the move from the ACT to SAT three years ago. The College Board is a fantastic partner and they do a great job of getting out in the field to support implantation of the full suite of their assessments. College Board field outreach will continue with the implementation of PSAT 8/9, as they recognize that middle level principals, counselors, test supervisors, teachers and special education personnel will need their support as we transition from M-STEP for ELA and Math to PSAT 8/9 for eighth grade students during the 2018-19 school year.

To help prepare the field for this transition, both MASSP and the College Board will be independently providing workshops around the state. These workshops are not a duplication of information and it’s important that you attend both. The College Board does an excellent job of explaining the “what” in terms of test administration, while MASSP tackles the “how” regarding preparation for students, staff and parents. For example, the College Board’s session will review the Math and ELA domains on the assessment, whereas the MASSP workshop explores a variety of test items in each content area to help educators become familiar with item types, wording/set-up of questions, what students are required to do and where it fits within the curriculum. The College Board sessions will also include a portal demonstration, clicking through the various reports available. The MASSP workshop goes in-depth on the reports that yield the most actionable information using activities to allow teachers to recognize the needed adjustments to curriculum and instruction and principals can use the information for school improvement goals.

Here’s a little more detail about what each workshop covers:

I hope this helps to provide clarity in terms of the information being shared at both the College Board and MASSP workshops. If you have any questions or are interested in bringing an MASSP workshop to your building, district or ISD please contact Alyssa Schoenherr at (517) 327-5315 or