Webinar Recording: K-12 Budget & SAT Transition

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As advertised, below you will find a link to a recorded version of MASSP's webinar from Wednesday, April 1. Wendy and Bob presented on a pair of topics: an explanation of the three different K-12 budget proposals and what they mean for local districts AND an SAT "Do Now, Do Later" practical presentation on planning for the SAT transition in your building.

The webinar recording is 1 hour split almost exactly in half – the first half walks through the K-12 budget proposals, the second through SAT information.

Click here to view the webinar recording. Additionally, you can download the presentation from this webinar as a .pdf, just click here.

In addition to the webinar, we have included links to several resources that came up during the conversation so all of the resources you need are in one place.

Additional resources