This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (of Fewer)

Bob Kefgen's picture

The House Education Subcommittee on Teacher Certification and Continuing Education held their fourth meeting this week to discuss potentially changing the continuing education requirements for obtaining and maintaining a teacher certificate in Michigan. MASSP was on hand to explain that the new teacher certification rules developed by MDE largely addressed the concerns raised by subcommittee members and to answer committee member’s questions about continuing education and professional development. Meanwhile, the election rages in and outside of Lansing with parties, candidates, and interest groups all working to shape this August’s primary and the November general election. For educators, the biggest election news was a request to Secretary of State Ruth Johnson by a group opposing the pro-collective bargaining ballot proposal to prevent the initiative from going on the ballot on the grounds that it is too broad in scope. Even if the opposition is successful, the issue would almost certainly go to court, making this the latest in what promises to be a series of salvos between groups supporting and opposing the initiative.