This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

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Discussion is ongoing in both chambers related to school accountability systems and changing the current state law on intervention in academically struggling schools (this marks the fifth straight week for testimony in the Senate Education Committee and the second week for the House Education Reform Committee). Where these discussions are going to lead and what the timeline is for action is unclear…especially since school accountability is also wrapped up in the discussion on Michigan’s ESSA plan, which is currently out in a draft form for public comment. Appropriations Subcommittees in both chambers are concurrently debating the 2017-18 budgets and hearing testimony on everything from shared time to the Great Start Readiness Program…for those keeping track, we are four weeks out from both chambers reporting out their versions of the K-12 budgets. The Senate Family, Seniors, and Human Services Committee took testimony only (but is expected to vote as soon as this coming Wednesday) on a package of legislation (SB 103-106) that would amend the laws governing student attendance and truancy definitions and reporting…legislation with which MASSP has reservations as currently written. Finally, in a press release put out later Thursday afternoon, the Senate announced the creation of a new subcommittee created specifically to review the Michigan Merit Curriculum and recommend any necessary changes to the law as it marks its ten year anniversary.