This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

Bob Kefgen's picture

The first week of April will mark the beginning of the legislative spring break and, unsurprisingly, the legislature is scrambling to tie up some loose ends and check a few last boxes before they head home for a two-week hiatus. Little information has leaked about the details of what either chamber is going to put forward in their respective budget proposals (which are due out this coming week), but both the House and Senate K-12 budget subcommittees held their last week of testimony and will meet on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively to report out their versions of the 2017-18 School Aid budget. The House Workforce and Talent Development Committee has started debate on a package of legislation that would make another round of changes to the Michigan Merit Curriculum. The Senate Education Committee did not meet this week, having wrapped up several months worth of hearing on academically struggling schools without having yet come to a consensus on how to move forward with reforming Michigan's bottom 5% law. Finally, the House Education Reform Committee closed out the week on Thursday with testimony on the Great Start Readiness Program, which may signal a desire on the part of committee chair Tim Kelly (R-Saginaw Twp.), who also chairs the House K-12 budget subcommittee, to reform how early childhood dollars are spent in the budget.