This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

Bob Kefgen's picture

The House Workforce and talent Development Committee took more testimony on and reported out a quartet of bills (see our earlier article on the bills for details) that would make revisions to the MMC…all four of which passed the full House on Thursday and are now headed to the Senate. While MASSP opposes only one of the four bills, Director of Government Relations Bob Kefgen testified about the impact that the continual debating and changing of state graduation requirements and content standards is having on students and educators and asked the committee to consider what compelling reason they had for making yet another change. The Senate Education Committee debated and reported out SB 271, a bill that would eliminate Michigan's post-Labor start law, but instead require that districts not hold school on Mondays and Fridays in August if they start prior to Labor Day. The House and Senate K-12 budget subcommittees each reported out their budget proposals, which differ significantly enough from the Governor's recommendation and each other that the conference committee debate is sure to be interesting. Both the House and the Senate have adjourned for spring break and will not return to session until mid-April.