This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

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The Senate Education Committee met Tuesday to take testimony on a pair of bills (SB 343-44) that would affect secondary principals: one to require districts to provide students with regional information on in-demand occupations during the EDP process, another to create an optional STEM diploma endorsement. MASSP testified with concerns on both bills, which are in the very earliest stages of the legislative process and have a long way to go before they have any chance of becoming law. It was reported this week that Representative Tim Kelly (R-Saginaw Twp.)—House chair of both the Education Committee and the K-12 budget subcommittee—is likely to leave the legislature this summer to take a position with the US Department of Education as an assistant secretary…a move that would leave two significant holes at the tops of each of the House’s two big education-related committees and which would have uncertain implications for Michigan’s schools. Wednesday’s Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference projected higher than expected School Aid Fund revenue, which seems almost certain to be raided to plug the budget hole created by the lower than expected projections for general fund revenue. Finally, the Senate Education Subcommittee on the Michigan Merit Curriculum met again this week and once again heard from educators that, for the most part, the MMC is working, that the legislature should keep it in place, and that districts have largely been able to accommodate the needs of student through a combination of the flexibility that has been added to the law since its passage and personal curricula.