This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

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The Senate was not in session this week, but the House took up enough education related issues for both chambers. The House Workforce and Talent Development Committee continued their discussions on the Michigan Career Pathways Alliance recommendations this week and took testimony on the five bills that were introduced on this topic last week (the chair indicated that there would be at least one more week of testimony before any votes were taken). The House Education Reform Committee met Thursday on a variety of bills. On the good side, the committee reported out HB 5126 (which codifies current MDE guidance and makes clear that school reform officers who are sworn officers of the court are not bound by the provisions of the recently passed seclusion and restraint law) and took testimony but no vote on HB 5157 (legislation that would allow schools to start before Labor Day without obtaining an MDE waiver, provided they agree not to hold classes on Mondays or Fridays in August). The committee also reported out HJR M (a constitutional amendment that would eliminate the State Board of Education, but which is unlikely to move much further in the process since it would require a supermajority vote in both chambers) and took testimony but no vote on SB 574 (a controversial bill that would require that countywide school enhancement millages be distributed to charter schools as well as traditional public schools).