This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

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The House Workforce and Talent Development Committee heavily modified and reported out versions of the Career Pathways Alliance legislation (HB 5139-42 and HB 5145) first thing Tuesday morning. By the end of the day Wednesday, when the legislature adjourned for its holiday recess, two of the five bills had been heavily amended yet again and passed the House on slim margins and with significant problems left unresolved. In addition to the Career Pathways legislation, the House also finally managed to vote out HB 4069, which would lower the credit requirements for a daily substitute teaching permit from 90 credits down to 60 credits and hopefully addressing some of Michigan’s substitute teacher shortage by expanding the pool of eligible candidates. For their part, the Senate Education Committee reported out HB 5126 on Tuesday, a bill to clarify that the restrictions on the use of emergency seclusion and emergency restraint that took effect this school year do not apply to school resource officers who are also sworn law enforcement officers. By the time they left town on Wednesday, the full Senate had passed the bill and sent it onto the Governor’s desk for signature.