This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

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On Tuesday, the Michigan Department of Education went live with their Parent Dashboard, the new online data portal that is replacing the old color-coded school report card and other previous school accountability systems. The Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference was held Thursday to come to agreement on how much money the Governor and legislature will be able to plan on when setting their budget recommendations for the 2018-19 fiscal year. The short story: the School Aid Fund is going to have more money than initially anticipated while the State’s general fund is going to have less…since the general fund is under increasing pressure this means that Michigan’s K-12 schools are likely to be shorted once again in order to balance the books. The House Education Reform Committee met on Thursday to take up a trio of bills, two of which Principals will want to be aware of: HB 4501 would make it optional for districts to administer the WorkKeys test and HB 5393 would impact school’s ability to enforce the MHSAA rules governing athletes who transfer between districts. The Senate Economic Development Committee also met on Thursday and took up a pair of education bills that are the latest in the ongoing series of legislation based (sometimes loosely) on recommendations from the Michigan Career Pathways Alliance; the latest two bills—SB 684-85—would make changes to the EDP and SIP laws, imposing new mandates on schools.