This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

Bob Kefgen's picture

On Tuesday, Governor Snyder delivered his eighth and final State of the State address, setting the stage for the upcoming negotiations on the 2018-19 budget. For Principals, the most striking highlight of Tuesday's speech was an announcement that the Governor's budget recommendation is going to propose the largest foundation allowance increase in over fifteen years. Governor Snyder also talked a lot about skilled trades and CTE and the need to invest in those areas (but with very few details) and urged the Legislature to be cautious when proposing tax cuts (both chambers are currently looking at some version of tax cuts as we head into election season). The Senate MMC Subcommittee met Wednesday and took testimony (but no votes or other action) from Michigan Department of Talent and Economic Development (TED) and MDE on the recommendations of the Michigan Career Pathways Alliance (a presentation they have given several times already in a variety of legislative committees, but this time with particular emphasis on the relationship between CTE and the MMC). On Thursday, the House Education Reform Committee heard the same presentation from TED and MDE, but also added a second informational presentation by MDE on the recently released Parent Dashboard…the latter of which was used by some committee members as a jumping off point to continue the debate about letter-grade based school accountability system.