This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

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On Tuesday, the House Workforce and Talent Development Committee and the Senate Education Committee heard testimony (separately) from representatives of the College Board, who presented on the tools and supports available to students and educators through the College Board partnership with Khan Academy (e.g. free practice tests, linking Khan to a student's College Board account, individualized test preparation, etc.). The House Education Reform Committee met on Thursday to take up three different bills: two (HB 4084 and 4614) dealing with changes to teacher certification and one (HB 5379) that would allow students to possess and use sunscreen at school with parent permission (it is currently classified as over-the-counter medication). HB 4084 would remove the requirement that teachers take and pass a three credit reading diagnostics course in order to progress to a professional teaching certificate. HB 4614 would repeal a section of law that provides a two-year extension for the provisional teaching certificate, but which – when combined with some provisions in the recently passed educator evaluation law – has inadvertently caught some educators in a situation where they are at risk of losing their teaching certificate. Finally, Governor Snyder is slated to present his 2018-19 Executive Budget Recommendation this coming week and – if media reports are to be believed – he is going to recommend a foundation allowance increase of more than $233 per pupil…so stay tuned.