This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

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On Tuesday, the House Law and Justice Committee started debate on a trio of bills (HB 5130-32) that would change the law around expulsion and school attendance of a pupil convicted of criminal sexual conduct when the victim attends the same school…changes are expected to the bills before they move out of committee. Also on Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed legislation that would allow parents authorize do-not-resuscitate orders for medically fragile students; as it passed the committee the legislation includes protections from legal action for districts, staff and other good Samaritans if they are acting in good faith. On Thursday morning, the House Education Committee passed a pair of bills (SB 727 and HB 4084) that would make changes to teacher certification requirements in Michigan including eliminating the requirement that teacher candidates pass the Basic Skills Test (currently the SAT) and the requirement that teachers take a three-credit course in diagnosing reading disabilities in order to qualify for a professional teaching certificate. On Thursday afternoon, the Senate Economic Development Committee took up the five bill package that previously passed the House related to the recommendations Michigan Career Pathways Alliance and MASSP (as we did in the House) spoke in support of two of the bills (HB 5139 and 5145) and against the rest (HB 5140 and 5141-42) because of our concerns about increasing reporting burdens on schools and expanding the use of uncertified teachers. Finally, Governor Snyder unveiled his Marshall Plan for Talent in Detroit late Thursday afternoon…a five-year, $100 million investment in four broad categories aimed at creating programs and expanding opportunities for students in the areas of career development and preparation.