This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

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On Tuesday, the Senate K-12 budget subcommittee reported out its proposal for the 2018-19 School Aid budget…a proposal that looked a lot like Governor Snyder's executive budget recommendation with a few key changes. The House held off on reporting out its version of the K-12 budget for next year until after the legislature returns from its spring break in two weeks. Also on Tuesday, the Senate Education Committee reported out a bill (SB 889) to eliminate the requirement that prospective teachers pass a basic skills exam (currently the SAT) before beginning their teacher preparation curriculum, then took testimony on a bill (SB 885) that would make pre-Labor Day start waivers permanent so that districts who had received waivers would not have to reapply each year. The House Education Reform Committee reported out a package of legislation (SB 5598-5605) that would make significant reforms to Michigan's teacher preparation laws including requiring college faculty to engage in ongoing professional development and increasing the focus teacher preparation programs would have to put on skills like classroom management and using assessments and data to inform instruction. MASSP's Bob Kefgen spoke in support of the committee's efforts to improve the state's teacher preparation process and add more focus on practical skills.